On Earth’s crust, matters are getting out of control and the Universe has had enough.  Something is threatening the future and must be stopped. Details emerge but are confusing, because they are made out of things she cannot see.

A secret grave forces a vicar (who’s not really vicar) to attempt murder.  Artefacts in a field cause a hidden school for girls to be invaded at gunpoint.  The criminal in charge knows that no police, no government agency of any kind can be called on for rescue.  So it falls to the scattered members of a church youth club detective agency to reform, infiltrate and take back the school and the secret she was built to protect.

But the girls don’t need help.  And deep in the ocean, a kiss width from the mantle, an intellect stirs and sees a chance.  And today is the first day of Radler Sandwich’s unemployment.  And there’s no such thing as France.

ALOC:: is a fast paced conspiracy thriller set in suburban England.  It is also a funny and occasionally tragic study of mind, human civilisation and the fundamental roots of anxiety.  Those of a particularly religious or magical persuasion may find their faith tested, but others who struggle with the state of the world might find some joy and comfort.

There are places where the loveless hide, this is an escape route into the light.